Bol d'Or Qualifying: GMT94 Yamaha take Prov' Pole

Posted: 15th September 2016

GMT94 Yamaha, SERT Suzuki, SRC Kawasaki, FCC TSR, Honda Endurance, YART, Trickstar Kawasaki, BMW. Louit Moto33 top STK...

GMT94 Yamaha have taken provisional pole position after this afternoon's first qualifying sessions, with an average time for their riders of 1:58.847. GMT94's Lucas Mahias was also the fastest rider of the afternoon with an individual lap time of 1:58.255.

Second place on the provisional gird has gone to SERT Suzuki with a time of 1:59.237; SERT's Etienne Mason was fastest in the 'yellow' group of riders with an individual time of 1:58.512. Third was SRC Kawasaki (159.341), fouth was FCC TSR Honda (1:59.859) and fifth was Honda Endurance (2:00.097).

YART Yamaha have only secured sixth on the provisional gird with a time of 2:00.243, despite Broc Parkes recording the best personal time of the 'blue' group with a 1:58.416 lap. Trick Star Kawasaki (2:00.573) were seventh, BMW (2:00.703) were eighth and Team Louit Moto33 Traqueur (2:01.132) were ninth and top Superstock qualifier.

Full results are here:

Final qualifying takes place tomorrow morning, with compulsory night practice this evening. Night practice used to be a good yardstick for performance in the race but teams now tend to be more cautious, often recording the minimum number of night laps for each rider.