Bol d'Or: Morning Update

Posted: 17th September 2016

SERT, SRC, Trickstar, Maco, FCC TSR, Bolliger – Still four and a half hours to go - Finish Shown Delayed on UK TV...

Last night, it was SERT Suzuki in the lead, a couple of laps ahead of SRC Kawasaki, with YART Yamaha a further two laps down and then Trickstar Kawasaki 4th, Maco Moto Yamaha 5th, FCC TSR Honda 6th, Bolliger Kawasaki 7th and the top STK team Moto Ain CRT in 9th.

This morning SERT Suzuki have stretched their lead over SRC Kawasaki to 9 laps. Trickstar Kawasaki are one lap behind SRC in third place, with YART having dropped to 35th during the night. Maco Moto Yamaha are in fourth place, FCC TSR Honda in fifth, Bolliger Kawasaki sixth and Moto Ain CRT still top STK team in seventh overall. Honda Endurance Racing are in tenth place overall, GMT94 Yamaha have climbed back to 14th overall, R2CL with Brit Victor Cox on board are in fifteenth place.

The all-female Girls Racing Team are in 23rd place overall, Metiss are in 42nd place but showing as 'pit in' on the timing screen, as are Team R7 in 44th place.

The Eurosport boys are doing a fantastic job, seemingly carrying on the same conversation for almost twenty hours so far. Remember that the finish will be shown later than normal on UK Eurosport, after the BSB racing from Donington.

Still four and a half hours to go..