Bol d'Or 24 Hour: Championship Points

Posted: 19th September 2017

Points for FIM EWC, FIM STK Cup and Race24 Trophy - GMT94 Yamaha 1st, Penz BMW 2nd, Honda Endurace 3rd - Bonus points for positions held after 8 and 16 hours lift FCC TSR and SERT ahead of Voelkper Schubert and IV BMW CSEU

FIM EWC Official Championship

After the first race, the mid-race bonus points have lifted FCC TSR Honda and SERT Suzuki above two of the teams that finished the race ahead of them, and points have also gone to some teams (National Motos, April Motos, Tecmas BMW) that did not finish the race in a points scoring position.

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Race24 Trophy

Click here for the totally unofficial Race24 Trophy standings

Why Are We Doing This?

The FIM Endurance World Championship points allocation for 24 hour races is far from simple, with additional bonus points awarded to teams based on their position in the race after 8 and 16 hours. Together with the additional points awarded for races with a duration of longer than 8 hours, this massively favours the French 24 Hour race over the other events in the championship, at Oschersleben, Slovakiaring and Suzuka.

The maximum points available to the winner of an 8 Hour race is 30. The winner of a 24 Hour race is awarded 40 points for finishing the race in first place, plus a potential further 10 points for leading after 8 hours and another potential 10 points for leading after 16 hours.

Win an 8 Hour, get 30 points. 
Win a 24 hour, get 60 points. 
Lead a 24 hour race briefly at 8 and 16 hours then fail to finish, get 20 points.

It will be interesting to see the effect these bonus points have on the overall championship, so we'll be calculating our own championship rankings based on the positions of those teams that finish without adding the bonus points. We're including both EWC and SST teams in the same list because fifth place is fifth place regardless of who finishes in front of you.

Words: Martin Gelder