Donington 4H Classic: Preparations Under Way

Posted: 5th May 2017

Are we there yet? - Build up for the weekend starts here – More than just the endurance race – Freddie Spencer packs his toothbrush...

Preparations for this weekend's Endurance Legends four hour endurance race are well under way, with the organisers having been at the track since yesterday, supervising the paddock and 'village' set-up and teams from all over the UK and Europe making their way to the circuit or rushing to get ready to leave.

We're starting to get tanatalising glimpses on social media of some of the bikes that we'll see on track, and it's worth remembering that there's more going on this weekend than just the endurance race.

There are race bike parades, the ICGP and Lansdowne races, and perhaps most interestingly, the classic bike trackdays.

The Race24 team will be on site from Saturday morning, so get in touch with us via the Race24 face book page

Somewhere out there Freddie Spencer is packing his toothbrush and clean socks, and we hope to see you at Donington as well...

Words: Martin Gelder, Photos: Teams. Facebook