Donington 4H Classic: Starting Grid

Posted: 7th May 2017

Endurance Starting Grid Confirmed – Phase One Engine Rebuild – Colin Edwards' CRT – Josh Brookes' Norton? - Guy Martin's Martek – Mike Edwards' Finger...

Starting Grid

The starting positions for this afternoon's classic endurance race has been confirmed. The grid is, as expected, led by the European Classic series teams. Team Alf's P&M Kawasaki takes pole after setting blistering times in all three qualifying sessions. The Suzuki GHX F-1 of Team Force is next up, showing the value of consistent lap times followed by Sweatshop Phase One's second P&M Suzuki GSX1100.


Rounding out the top five are Team Edge's Harris Suzuki XR69 and the Honda Magnum of Neate Racing, with the Team Classic Suzuki Katana 1100 of Whitham, Parrish and Neeves just behind.

The front three Endurance Legends teams are FB Racing (12th) on another Harris XR69, Muzzi Moto on their Dr John replica 'Guzzi (16th) and Team Demar's GSXR-750F(17th). The Reserve teams gave a strong showing with Team Taurus (led by former World Superbike regular Giorgio Cantalupo) in 8th, with Steady Boastie Team in 11th and the Gijs VanDijk Laverda 1000 in an impressive 18th.

There was a scare, with fastest qualifier Mike 'Spike' Edwards breaking a finger after a heavy crash yesterday, but he was out this morning for the first race of the day, finishing on the podium.

Things You Find Out in the Paddock 1

Walking in this morning we bumped into Phase One's Scotty who explained that the team had had to rebuild one of their engines overnight, due to cracking in the crankcases; this is one of the pitfalls of classic endurance racing in a series that relies on 35 year old engine parts.

Things You Find Out in the Paddock 2

And then we bumped into Guy Martin, who will be riding his Martek in the track day sessions. The fast group features a bewildering variety of machinery, from one-off specials like his turbocharged Suzuki to Colin Edwards' 2013 Forward Racing MotoGP CRT bike.

Colin Edwards' 2013 Forward Racing MotoGP CRT bike

Things You Find Out in the Paddock 3

Most of the endurance teams were doing some last minute fettling before this morning's warm-up session. The BSK Speedworks BMW K100 endurance racer was being polished to within in an inch of its life this morning by its somewhat apprehensive riders Ben Kingham and Stacey Kilworth; this will be the first time riding 40 minute sessions for both of them.

BSK Speedworks BMW K100

Things You Find Out in the Paddock 4

And finally, BSB racer Josh Brookes was lurking in the rotary Norton pit box, preparing to take out one of the JPS bikes. All of life is here

JPS Rotary Norton, Josh Brookes

Words Martin Gelder, Bob Pickett, Photos: Martin Gelder