Donington 4H Classic: Warm-Up

Posted: 7th May 2017

Team Force Fastest – Louigi Moto Make a Mark - Phase One 'Ready' – Mike Edwards' Finger (Again)...

As we all know, you shouldn't read too much into the free practice times, but Team Force clearly have their race faces on, recording the fastest lap of the session (1:17.356) right at the death, ahead of Team Classic Suzuki (1:17.449) and Neate Racing (1:18.160).

Team Force

Very happy with practice will be Team Louigi Moto, who recorded the 4th best time of the morning on their Ducati TT1 1100 at 1:19.332 - around 6 seconds faster than qualifying.

TLouigi Moto

All the competitors have been saying how much happier they are with the temperature trackside. As free practice ended The Sun came out, and with a maximum temperature of 16 degrees Centigrade and winds of no more than 12/13 mph, it is looking like ideal conditions for the race.

Team Force

Sweatshop Phase One had an issue with their replacement engine on the No.4 bike; a loose clutch nut forced them to miss warm up but they are now ready to race.

Team Force

Mike Edwards' broken finger is becoming a star in its own right, but Mike claims it won't be a factor in his riding during the race, “You don't notice it, really. Until you stop, then it hurts...”

Words Martin Gelder, Bob Pickett, Photos: Martin Gelder