Donington Park 4 Hour Classic Endurance: Meet the Teams

Posted: 25th April 2017

A brief introduction to some of the teams from the UK and Europe racing in the 4 hour classic endurance at Donington next month – Full Entry List Tomorrow...


Race No: 28
Bike: 1981 Kawasaki GPZ1100
Class: F1 Classic

Consisting of father and son Mario and Jaivy Eikelenboom . The team have been competing nationally since 2012 and did their first international event in 2015 with a 4 hour race at Spa. In 2016 and getting the hang of it they went to Paul Ricard twice and again to Spa Francorchamps, and they are eager to race.


Race No: 8
Riders: Andrew Dyer, Kevin Wholey, Alan Cooper 
Bike: P&M Kawasaki Gpz750
Class: F2

One of two teams running an air cooled Kawasaki Gpz 750 in F2 and this one is a corker. Andy and Kev have been racing in the Classic Racing Motorcycle Club (CRMC) on production 600 Yamahas for the last two years. Kev won the CRMC production 600 championship in 2016 and 2015; Impressive results for a racer who hung up his leathers over 20 years ago and returned to racing in 2015.

Alan Cooper returns to the race track after 27 years. Alan is no stranger to hard racing. He cut his teeth in the ultra competitive and manic 350cc production class of the early 80s winning many races, championships and a few lap records along the way.

Andy has raced for two seasons with the CRMC. His progress and results have been encouraging. Andy's favourite race circuit is Donington Park.He is aiming to beat his personal best lap times riding in the Endurance Legends Classic Endurance event


Race No: 63
Riders: Angela Cragg ,Alan Cragg and John Cragg
Bike: YAMAHA FZ600
Class: F2.

All three riders from this racing family hold ACU National road race licences, having a wealth of experience on track and in the paddock we wouldn't be surprised if all three have 10/40w oil running through their veins.

John has 30 year plus under his belt having raced from the late 60s to 1995 and has since kept his hand in with the odd race or two. Angela can be found running a 250 Manx or 350 Aermacchi with the Classic club or at Spa and on the roads at the Chimay Classic. As a team John and Angela campaign a beautiful Seeley MK4 G50 at the Classic TT . Young gun little brother Alan will race any bike he can get his hands on.

First timers to endurance racing you can be sure the TT experience in running a team will no doubt be to great advantage.


Race No: 24
Riders: Fran Fletcher & Fay White
Bike: Yamaha FZ600
Class: F2.

Fay White has raced on 125s,production 600s and an RGV250 at the British Grand Prix. Fay is known for being incredibly late on the brakes much to the annoyance of one of our instructors Simon,as he can never quite get past and if he does she out brakes him again at the next bend.

Fran Fletcher,former Mayor of Winterton, races a Honda K4 and production 600 with the Classic Racing Motorcycle Club (CRMC) and is regularly seen fighting hard for her place on track.

The team is backed by Fay's Husband Chris White who is a very accomplished rider having raced at the highest level including endurance and will no doubt have the pit crew running as slick as can be.

The all girl team will be aiming to show the guys how its done in both F2 and for the 600cc cup.


Race No: 65
Riders: Bernd Fohne & Neils Paulsen
Bike: 1981 RAU Kawasaki Z1135
Class: F1 Classic

RAU manufactured this special motorcycle frame in Germany in the early 80s and were similar to the famous EGLI chassis. The engine is based on the Kawasaki Z1000J.

The bike has participated several times in the European Classic Seriesand in various national endurance races.


Race No: 133
Riders: Stuart Fitton, John McNally
Bike: Honda VF500
Class: F2

This iconic V4 road bike has had a slight transformation. The current ACU National 600cc Endurance Champions thought they'd try something a little different for 2017. They say "the VF500 is a hopeless choice of bike for F2 but we are hoping that our endurance experience can help us make a reasonable showing on the day!"

What this diminutive V4 Honda lacks in stature she may make up in handling.


Race No: 74
Riders: August Martmann & Susanne Paulsen
Bike: 1978 HSM MOTO GUZZI 1000
Class: F1 Classic

The F1 classic class has been attracting a great mix of big twins, and this team is no exception.

HSM-Guzzi was originally built by Karl Stelling for the BOT racing series and has seen success around Europe culminating in 2nd place in the ECS Classic 1000 at the Spa 4HR in 2015.

There is no doubt that the Guzzis,Beemers and Ducati twins will be rattling the windows at race control.


Race No: 28
Riders: Olli Oltmanns & Alfred Stark
Bike: Ducati 900SS Bevel
Class: ECS Classic 1000

One of a handful of big Dukes that will be thundering around Donington and a first time visitor to the track. Extremely experienced endurance team from Germany, Olli and Alfred will be aiming to beat their best result of 2016 ( 3rd at Misano) when they race at Donington Park in May


Race No: 110
Riders: Gary Wheeler, Ian Courts, Grant Goodings
Bike: Yamaha FZ600
Class: F2

Winners of the F3 title at Endurance Legends 2015, the team are back and setting their sights on lifting the F2 silverware this year! All three riders are often to be found in the CRMC race paddock,and have been honing their teams slick pit work,a team to watch out for in F2. The 600cc bikes will really have their work cut out,fast and nimble on the twisty UK tracks how will they fair at Donington Park.


Race No: 29
Riders: Derek Cripps & Liam McCarter
Bike: Suzuki GSX-R750 Superstock
Class: F2

Another of the original teams from the first Endurance Legends 4hr at Snetterton, Derek and Liam battled valiantly against mechanical problems in 2015, so will be aiming for more time racing and less time spannering at Donington Park.

Both Derek and Liam are regulars racing with the Classic Racing Motorcycle Club (CRMC),always great company in the paddock but are deadly serious when out on track. Throwing a rod in the number 1 bike at the first 4hr you can bet your boots that not only will they have a spare GSXR 750 ready to go they will have enough spares to open a breakers.

We wish them success in May.