Aragon 4 Hour: Team Force Win 4 Hour Race

Posted: 30th October 2016

Team Force Take Win, Neate Racing Second, Team Taurus Third, Sweatshop Phase One Fourth, Team Alf's Fifth...

The Aragaon 4 Hour finale of the European Classic Series endurance championship has been won by the Team Force Harris Suzuki F1 ridden by Richard Hubin and Gregory Fastre, completing 108 laps in 4:01:14.031 and making just five pit stops. Second place went to the Neate's Neate Racing Honda Magnum Mk1, finishing one lap behind. On the same lap were third placed Team Taurus (Cantalupo, Martinez, Caprara) and fourth placed Sweatshop Phase One's No.4 bike (Linden, Brasher). Team Alf's Endurance P&M Kawasaki (Godfrey, Edwards, Barton) was fifth after completing a total of 104 laps.

Non-finishers included the No.1 Sweatshop Phase One bike of Simpson and Mertens (93 laps), and the pole position qualifiers Team Edge RST Racing (93 laps) of Edgeley and Towers.

4Q Racing's Holland and Schoens were the best finishing Classic 1000 entrant in 10th place overall, and there were a total of 23 teams classified as finishing the race.

Bikes completing the race included Suzukis from Harris and P&M as well as an XR69, Kawasakis in P&M, Gpz, Egli and Godier & Genoud guises, Hondas in RS1000 and Magnum Mk1 form, a TT2 Ducati, BMW R100S and a Moto Guzzi Le Mans II.

Full race results available here:

Words: Martin Gelder - Photo: Photo: