Endurance Legends 4H: Race Result

Posted: 13th May 2018

Team Force Harris Suzuki overall win and top Superbike, Lincs Classic Suzuki second, Motobel Moto Guzzi third, top Classic – Classic Racer Nice top Legend – Parts Europe Honda top Superstock

Top 6 overall:

  • Team Force (178 laps)
  • Lincs Classic Suzuki
  • Motobel
  • Classic Racer Nice
  • Team Segale Classic
  • Racing Motorbike

    Team Force Harris Suzuki

    Team Force showed the value of consistent lapping throughout the race.  Running an incident-free race, they moved steadily through the pack and once in the lead never relinquished it.   Lincs Classic Suzuki showed two gears are more than enough as they moved past Motobel (an outstanding winner of the Classic class) in the closing stages, who couldn’t claw back despite pushing hard.  Classic Racer Nice came home in 4th overall, again running a faultless and consistent race to win the Legends class.

    Lincs Classic Suzuki

    Phase One showed the value of never giving up.  Despite being out for 20 minutes, followed by another stop shortly after, they pushed hard, recording the fastest lap of the day and 4th in class (17th overall)

    Sweatshop Phase One

    A number of the front runners had suffered problems by the three hour stage, some worse than others.  Neate Racing had a coming together with a slower bike once the control car pulled off. They were able to rejoin the race fairly quickly, but an oil leak made it unsafe to continue running.  Team Classic Suzuki retired with a dropped valve. Team Scert also crashed following a coming together with as slower bike, but following a rapid repair to the tank were able to continue. Meanwhile, Lincs Classic Suzuki continued to pile on the pressure on leaders Team Force despite the missing 2nd gear (“just using two gears” according to Guy Martin).

    We have to mention Allspeed, running in 5th in the Superbike class (21st overall) on the TZR250, running perhaps half the power of the other bikes in their class… but also half the weight, a real tribute to small, light, great handling bikes.

    Team Segale Classic more than earned an honourable mention. Despite qualifying in 47th place, they well and truly put their Sunday face on, finishing 5th overall (2nd in class).

    Top 3 by Class:


  • Motobel
  • ACR 2
  • Scudaria ACR III


  • Classic Racer Nice
  • Team Segale Classic
  • Racing Motorbike


  • Team Force
  • Lincs Classic Suzuki
  • BSK Speedworks


  • Parts Europe
  • Scarab Racing
  • Team Demar

    Once again a great event.  Thankfully the Sun came out at just the right time, the racing was first class with plenty of incident, there was loads to do away from the track.  Another great success and may it continue.

    Motobel Moto Guzzi

    Neate Racing: Game Over

    Words: Bob Pickett, Photos: Martin Gelder