Spa 4H Classic: Pit and Track Snapshots

Posted: 30th June 2017

Fantasy garage brought to life – Lifestyle village – Oh, and there's something happening on track too

How many Laverdas?

How many Godier Genoud Kawasakis?

And just casually leaning against a wall in a corner...

Meanwhile, in the Lifestyle Village; get yourself a shave and a scrambler...

Or you can get yourself a wicker fairing

Guy Martin on the Team Classic Suzuki is the focus of all the attention, but...

...Let's not forget Pete Boast. There are rumblings about the level of 'factory' support the team are getting, but the bike is a work of art. Making a bike look that simple is very complicated

And there are lots of other teams out there too

Phase One aren't the only Brits

And this is just qualifying, not the race

It wouldn't be endurance without someone pushing in

Words: Martin Gelder, Photos: Martin Gelder

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