Classic Endurance: Sunday Ride Classic Riders

Posted: 16th March 2018

Entry list update with rider names – Team Force's Fastre, Mertens and Le Bihan take on Phase One's Linden, Brasher and Gowland – NZ Wild Hogs Katana features Dalton and Woolford – Hacquin, Langlois and de Dieuleveult ride Godier Genoud Z1000J – Race next weekend

The full entry list for next weekend's Sunday Ride Classic round of the European Endurance Legend Cup classic endurance series has been released.

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We can now confirm the riders for the two leading Superbike teams will be Peter Linden, Hugh Brasher and Graeme Gowland for Phase One and Gregory Fastré, Stephane Mertens and Bruno le Bihan for Team Force. Team BR, a Belgian squad racing a Moto Martin will also run in the Superbike class, with Marc Vuldar and Jacques Vuldar sharing the controls.

The New Zealand Wold Hogs Suzuki Katana will be ridden by Grant Dalton and Grant Woolford, and the Team Godier Genoud Kawasaki Z1000J will be piloted by well known names Bruno Langlois, Christian Haquin and Nicolas de Dieuleveult.

There are two British teams running in the Legend class, with Team Scert's Steve Boam, Steve Clark and Jonathan Ldoge taking on BTR Dynotech's Appleton brothers and Nigel Manning-Morton.

The Superstock classi will also feature two British team, both using Honda VFR750s; Parts Europe's Chris White and Dave Crampton will take on Allens Performance Steve Panter, Stephen Cross and Paul Keohane.

The race takes place next Saturday evening (24th March) with practice and qualifying starting on Friday.

Words: Martin Gelder, Images: