Sunday Ride Classic: One Hour to Go

Posted: 24th March 2018

Team Force out, retired due to crash – Road Runner lead, Motobel second, Motoport Uithoorn third, Phase One fourth, Taurus fifth.

Live Timing here:

Timesheets here:

With one hour to go, the lead is currently held by Road Runner Suzuki, with the Motobel Moto Guzzi second, Motoport Uithoorn Kawasaki thrid, Phase One Suzuki fourth and Taurus Suzuki fifth.

The top four teams are all on the same lap, but pitstop strategy may come into play during the final hour.

Team Force have retired after a crash left their bike damaged beyond quick repair. Rider Stephane Mertens was unhurt. And the problem facing the No. 52 Classic Racer Nice Kawasaki has been traced to a broken cylinder head bolt causing a head gasket failure.

Words, Photos: Martin Gelder