Sunday Ride Classic: Mid Race

Posted: 24th March 2018

Team Force lead ahead of Phase One, Godier Genoud, Road Runner, Motbel, Japauto – Other Brit teams hit problems – Temperatures dropping rapidly - STOP PRESS: Team Force Problem

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After the first round of pit stops, Team Force are in first position, Phase One second, Godier Genoud third, Road Runner fourth and Japauto fifth. Team Force have set a scorching pace from the start , wiht lap times in the 2:20s that are faster than qualifying despite the low ambient and low track temperatures. The air temperature is currently 7.2 degrees and there are worries that if the safety car is called out tyre temperatures will drop significantly.

The No.52 Kawasaki Nice bike has made several stops due to an engine rattle and the team have just been forced to retire with a suspected valve-train issue. The Parts Europe Honda has had a brake issue and also had to come in for a Stop/Go penalty after a technical infringement last night, but they are still in the running. Scert Suzuki also pitted for a suspected fuelling issue, after a great start that saw them up in fourth place during the opening laps.


Team Force are currently dropping down the running order; more news when we have it. This leaves Phase One in first place, Godier Genoud second and Road Runner third.

Check the live timing for the latest results:

Words, Photos: Martin Gelder