Yamaha Testing: GMT94, YART On Track for Le Mans

Posted: 24th February 2017

YART test Bridgestone tyres at the Pannoniaring – GMT94 put in the miles at Circuit Carole – Can the established Yamaha teams take on the new Suzuki? Plus Yamaha Motors Europe Video...

The two leading Yamaha world endurance championship teams have started their cycle of winter testing with just two months to go before the racing resumes at the Le Mans 24H in April. With Suzuki fielding an all new GSX-R1000 for the 2017 model year, the Yamaha squads and their tried and tested R1M motorcycles have the perfect opportunity to make their advantage count in the next couple of rounds of the championship.

GMT94 - Circuit Carole, France

Team Manager Christophe Guyot: "We were very lucky for this first day because the sun was with us on February 15. From the first laps on track, the times were already there, along with the smiles of the riders. Circuit Carole is our regular training circuit and we have all the reference data that allows us to confirm that our motorcycle is already competitive.”  

Yamaha GMT94 testing at Circuit Carole

Niccolò Canepa: "It's great to have been able to ride today, after all the winter, I've been able to do a lot of kilometers, to take a lot of laps to improve my feeling with the bike."

Yamaha GMT94 testing at Circuit Carole

Mike Di Meglio: "This was a good day today, it was great for all three of us to ride together with David and Niccolò. It was a positive test, there was a lot riding between 11am and 2pm, I did a lot of laps alone on the track but also in traffic so it was a very rewarding day."

Yamaha GMT94 team manager Christophe Guyot in action during testing

YART - Pannoniaring, Hungary

Team Manager Mandy Kainz: "Our Test on Pannoniaring was very positive, we did more than 200 laps to evaluate the best Bridgestone solutions for our bikes. The tyres, riders (Marvin Fritz and Max Neukirchner) and bike did a faultless job. Under cold conditions on a dirty track lapping constantly at lap record levels was incredible confirmation that we are on the right way for 2017. Many thanks to Bridgestone Japan, our riders and the team to work at a such high level. Good Job boys!"

YART Yamaha testing Bridgestone tyres

Videos from Pannoniaring on YART's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TeamYart/

Yamaha Motors Europe

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Words: Martin Gelder - Photos: YART, GMT94, FIMEWC