Le Mans 24H Official Test: Day Two

Posted: 29th March 2017

YART fastest on both days, other teams set best times yesterday – SRC Kawasaki second, SERT Suzuki third, Tecmas BMW fourth, Yamaha GMT94 fifth – Times all close...

Fastest yesterday (Tuesday 28th March) was the YART Yamaha team with a time of1:36.917, with Team SRC Kawasaki on 1:36.934, SERT Suzuki on 1:36.977, Tecmas BMW on 1:37.321, Yamaha GMT94 on 1:37.364 and Honda Endurance Racing on 1:38.069.

The weather today (Wednesday 29th) was less promising to start with but YART Yamaha recorded a 1:36.866 to go fastest overall. Second quickest today was Tecmas BMW (1:37.501), with the YART 'T' bike third fastest on 1:37.548, SRC Kawasaki (1:37.644) fourth, Yamaha GMT94 (1:37.871) fifth and SERT Suzuki (1:38.093) sixth fastest.

Fastest Superstock team of the two sessions was Yamaha Viltais Experiences with a best lap today of 1:38.237, beating yeasterday's quickest SST team, L'Ecurie Chromo Sport 1:38.500.

Metiss (1:40.928) were fastest Experimnetal class entrant, 0.034 seconds ahead of class rival TTS Excent. No time were recorded by Supertwin teams.

Commenting on social media, the YART team described the sessions as a good start with Bridgestone tyres. One team was notable by their absence from the Le Mans test, with FCC TSR Honda having already tested in Japan earlier this month.

Words: Martin Gelder - Photo: facebook.com/TeamYart/