Le Mans 24H Moto: Eurosport Schedule, Warm Up Photos

Posted: 15th April 2017

Race will be live on Eurosport for the start, finish and a lot of the middle bit – Social media links to follow – SERT missing Dominique Meliand...

SRC Kawasaki, fastest in Warm-Up on 1:37.267. GMT94 were second quickest, then YART, SERT, Tecmas BMW and SuperStockers LMD63 Yamaha.

Le Mans on Eurosport

As far as we can work out, the race will be shown live on UK Eurosport 2 from 13:45 to 20:00 (all UK time) then from 22:00 to 23:59. Tomorrow's coverage runs from 6:00 to 10:30 and then from 12:00 until the finish of the race just after 14:00. Commentary from Terry Rymer and Clive McNeil.

All the action from pitlane and track, on the telly....

It looks like it's live all the time from race start to race finish on French Eurosport, with commentary from former world endurance racer Sebastien Scarnato amongst others. Suave Belgian ex-world endurance champion Stephane Mertens will also be commentating this weekend.

Le Mans on Social Media

We've put a link to the live timing screen (http://www.lemans.org/fr/Page/live-timing/187) on our Le Mans menu page but one of the best ways to follow the race – if you can keep up with the torrent of information – is via the various team and rider feeds on Facebook. Start with the following, and take it from there:

  • facebook.com/fim.ewc
  • facebook.com/24heuresmotos
  • facebook.com/david.reygondeau
  • facebook.com/alexcudlinfanclub
  • facebook.com/damian.cudlin

    SERT and Dominique Meliand

    Stalwart SERT boss Dominique Meliand is absent from the No.1 pit box this weekend, for the first time in living memory, due to a medical condition requiring him to avoid stress. The team is, of course, still running like clockwork but he will be missed by everyone this weekend.

    Words, Photos: Martin Gelder