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Posted: 15th April 2017

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Le Mans 24H Live Timing | Le Mans 24H Provisional Entry List

Words, Photos: Martin Gelder

GMT94 Yamaha Win Le Mans 24H Moto

Congratulations to Christophe Guyot's team and to everyone who took part in this gruelling, tough and close race.

  • 1st GMT94 Yamaha
  • 2nd YART Yamaha
  • 3rd SRC Kawasaki
  • 4th SERT Suzuki
  • 5th FCC TSR Honda
  • 6th Beaujolais Yamaha (first Stocksport)

    Final pit stop for the GMT94 Yamaha YZF-R1M

    Two (and a bit) Hours To Go

  • 1st GMT94 Yamaha
  • 2nd YART Yamaha +38 seconds
  • 3rd SRC Kawasaki, +11 laps
  • 4th SERT Suzuki, +4 seconds
  • 5th FCC TSR Honda, +3 lap
  • 6th Beaujolais Yamaha (Stocksport), +6 laps
  • 11th Honda Endurance, 36 laps behind leaders

    On Track

    (Photos taken during warm-up and qualifying)

    After Eighteen Hours

  • 1st YART Yamaha
  • 2nd GMT94 Yamaha, +22 seconds
  • 3rd SERT Suzuki, +10 laps
  • 4th SRC Kawasaki, +6 seconds
  • 5th FCC TSR Honda, +1 lap
  • 6th Beaujolais Yamaha (Stocksport), +4 laps
  • 14th Honda Endurance, 14 laps behind leaders

    Pitlane at Night

    After Six Hours

    The top five teams have settled into a rhythm with YART Yamaha leading, GMT94 Yamaha 30 or so seconds behind them in second place, SERT Suzuki one lap down on the leaders in third, SRC Kawasaki another lap down in fourth place and FCC TSR Honda just behind them in fifth place. The leading SuperStock team is Yamaha Viltais in sixth place overall.

    The top three are all lapping in the 1:37s despite night falling and the temperature dropping noticeably. Honda Endurance have climbed back to 42nd place and are lapping at a similar rate to the leading teams, and the Trickstar Kawasaki team are in 38th place and putting in 1:38 laps.

    Girls Racing Team are 36th overall, the leading twin class bike is the Ducati Espirit Racing Team in 28th place, and the leading experimental class bike is the Metiss in 38th place after an earlier crash for TTS Excent.

    After Four Hours

    1 YART Yamaha, 2 GMT94 Yamaha, 3 SERT Suzuki, 4 SRC Kawasaki, 5 Yamaha Viltais (SST), 6 FCC TSR Honda, 7 Moto Ain Yamaha, 8 Bolliger Kawasaki, 9 Beaujolais Kawa, 10 Maco Moto Yamaha

    Pit Stops, Damage Repairs

    Scheduled stop for Honda Endurance, climbing their way back through the field.

    Crash repairs for Trickstar Kawasaki; nice to see a familiar face from Suzuka...

    Scheduled stop for Girls Racing Team - Melissa Paris rejoins the race...

    Crash repairs for TTS Excent, now back in the race...

    After Two Hours

    1 YART Yamaha, 2 SRC Kawasaki, 3 GMT94 Yamaha, 4 SERT Suzuki, 5 Yamaha Viltais (SST), 6 FCC TSR Honda, 7 Trickstar Kawasaki, 8 Bolliger Kawasaki, 9 Beaujolais Kawa, 10 April Motors Honda

    Honda Endurance Racing

    The Honda Endurance Racing Fireblade - one of the few new 2017 modesl racing here - failed to get off the line after a chain adjuster bolt bent as the bike pulled away from the line.

    The bike was back in the pits twoards the end of the first hour with an apparently unrelated problem which left rider Freddy Foray pushing in. The bike has rejoined the race; more news when we have it...

    Start and First Hour

    Le Mans start, SERT take the lead on the first lap to the delight of the crowd still feeling the emotion of the Anthony Delhalle tribute before the race

    The organisers are having an 'inclusive' weekend, promoting women in motorcycling both in the paddock, on the track, and in the shape of the 'Umbrella Boys' decorating the grid.

    Girls Racing Team have taken this a step further, with their very own kilted promo-hipster. What is under there, Margaux?

    But of course, somethings never change. It wouldn't be Le Mans otherwise...