Le Mans 24H Moto: Warm-Up

Posted: 21st April 2018

YART pole confirmed by jury – YART fastest in warm-up, from GMT94, SERT, SRC Kawa, Mercury BMW, NRT48, FCC TSR, Honda Endurance, Tecmas BMW and Viltais Superstock – Another hot day coming...

Yesterday it was announced that due to a rider change, YART Yamaha would take pole position due to the change of rider (Max Neukirchner in for a poorly Takuya Fujita) affecting their average lap time. It now turns out this is subject to a circuit jury hearing so has yet to be confirmed. UPDATE: This has now been confirmed; YART will start from pole position.

Warm-Up has just finished, with YART Yamaha once again dominant, ahead of GMT94 Yamaha, SERT Suzuki, SRC Kawasaki, Mercury BMW, NRT48 BMW, FCC TSR Honda France, Honda Endurance, Tecmas BMW and fastest Superstock Yamaha Viltais.

Viltais look ultra-serious this weekend, as do NRT48 and Mercury BMW; we're all set for a hot race...

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Words, Photos: Martin Gelder