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Endurance Racing in 2016

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FIM Endurance World Championship 2016/17

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2016/17 calendar

  • 17/09/16 - Bol d'Or 24H at Paul Ricard
  • 18/03/17 - Portimão 12H
  • 22/04/17 - Le Mans 24H Moto
  • 20/05/17 - Oschersleben 8H
  • 24/06/17 - TBC
  • 30/07/17 - Suzuka 8H

    We;re getting the band back together

  • Endurance Racing in 2015

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    Live Timing and Commentary Here

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Race Result

    The Snetterton 4 Hour Classic endurance race has been won by SCERT Suzuki who were also first in the F1 class.

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends Accident repairs for Ibonhart....

    SCERT regained the lead with just fifteen minutes to go

    Second place went to Team Manx - first in F2 - with Tagg Racing 21st Moto third, Practical Sportsbike Magazine fourth and Hagon Race Crew fifth. Nofolk 'n' Idea dropped several places in the closing minutes after hitting electrical problems, allowing the chasing teams to pounce after four long hours of racing.

    Muzzi Moto were seventh with Broken eighth (and top F3 team), LG Racing ninth, Scarab tenth, Red Mist eleventh and Allens Performance twelfth. Marlin Elf Racing were the last finisher in thirteenth place.

    Congratulations to everyone who took part, and a big thank you to Endurance Legends for putting this event on. Hopefully we'll be back next year with better weather and a bigger entry...

    Snetterton 4 Hour: One Hour to Go

    The safety car has been called out after what looked like a minor spill at the hairpin before the start finish straight. Ibonhart came in with accident damage and lost the lead to SCERT while replacing the throttle side twistgrip assembly. When the safety car came in they were down to fifth place, with SCERT first, Norfolk 'n' Idea second, Team Manx third and Scarab Racing fourth.

    SCERT had an ignition problem which costs them several places, but with 30 minutes to go they are back to within 24 seconds of the leaders, and are lapping 2 seconds faster than the leaders...

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends Accident repairs for Ibonhart....

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends ...means the SCERT take the lead.

    Practical Sportsbikes are in sixth place, Tagg 21st Moto seventh. Hagon Race Crew eighth, Red Mist ninth (and only F3 team running) and Broken tenth. Muzzi Moto are back up to 11th, LG Racing 12th. Allens Performance 13th and Marlin Elf 14th.

    FBR have retired after finding their replacement engine was no good, and Phase One are out after an accident in the first half hour.

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends Game over for FBR

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Mid-Distance - Two Hours to Go

    Plenty of action despite the small entry. Marlin Elf are repairing crash damage, Muzzi Moto have just returned to the back of pitlane after a minor off at the Melbourne hairpin, and one of the Suzuki GSX-R750 teams are in the middle of an engine swap.

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends Marlin Elf Harris Kawasaki

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends Muzzi Moto returning to the pits via the back entrance

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends Engine out, engine in...

    Meanwhile, the race goes on; the Ibonhart and SCERT bikes are on the same lap and fighting for the lead. Team Manx and Norfolk 'N' Idea are in third and fourth a couple of laps down, with Tagg Racing, Practical Sportsbike, Scarab and Hagon Race Crew not that far behind.

    Snetterton 4 Hour: First Hour(ish)

    1st: SCERT (F1), lap 41. 2nd: Ibonhart (F2), lap 41. 3rd: Manx (F3), lap 40.

    Use the live timing link here for actual live timing...

    Snetterton 4 Hour: First Stops

    Sweatshop Phase One's Steve Smith dropped the bike after losing the front as heavy rain began to fall just before the team's first scheduled pit stop, handing the lead to Ibonhart. The bike was recovered to the pits put team manager Russell Benney took the decision not to continue; "With our European championship final at Aragon coming up we can't risk any more damage to the bike."

    Ibonhart (F2), SCERT (F1) and Team Manx (F2) are now battling for the lead on the same lap.

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends Pitstop - Team Ibonhart

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends Crash repairs - Sweatshop Phase One

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends Start, ya bast - Marlin Elf Harris Kawaski

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Race Start

    The started at 12:30 under darkening skies, with the first drops of rain falling just before one o'clock. Sweatshop Phase One led the first lap, with SCERT taking the lead on lap two and then Phase One moving book in front a handful of laps later.

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends Le Mans Start

    With the mandatory 35 minute maximum rider session length, we are expecting congestion in the next few minutes as all the teams need to pit at the same time.

    Stop Press: Phase One crash just before their first stop. Due to the ACU rules preventing a fallen rider rejoining the race straight away, they now have to wait to be recovered. Ibonhart are currently leading, with SCERT second and Team Manx third.

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Sunday - Morning

    Welcome to the eBay Endurance Event! Quite a few of the entrants appear to be running bikes bought on the well known auction site specifically for this race, notably Practical Sportsbikes and sixth placed Hagon Race Crew, both of whom are racing Honda VFR750s.

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends Waiting: SCERT

    The weather today is a little brighter - the wind has dropped, taking with it the horizontal rain - and if you live nearby and are thinking of coming along, admission is free today. Warm up for the endurance bikes is at 11:20 and the race starts at 12:30, running until 16:30 with the podium ceremony shortly afterwards. The organisers have put a lot into this event, so come along and support it.

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends Waiting: Sweatshop Phase One's Pete Linden
    Endurance Bikes on Now...

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    Snetterton 4 Hour: Saturday - Qualifying 1 and 2

    Sweatshop Phase One were fastest in the first qualifying session, with Pete Linden putting in a 1:19.188 on his first visit to Snetterton. Team Ibonhart Suzuki were second on 1:23.888 and fastest in the F2 class. SCERT Suzuki were third (1:24.158), Manx / ASA Racing fourth (1:24.229) and Muzzi Moto Guzzi fifth (1:25.780)

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends Team Ibonhart

    16 teams were out in the second qualifying session; four in F1, eleven in F2 and just one in F3. Sweatshop Phase One's Steve Smith was quickest on 1:20.059, SCERT second (1:24.919), Team FBR Suzuki third (1:25.771), Team Ibonhart fourth (1:26.271), Muzzi Moto fifth (1:27.939) and Hagon Race Crew sixth (1:28.086).

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends Team Manx ASA Racing

    The times in the first two sessions indicate that - Phase One apart - we are going to have a close and interesting race tomorrow. The fastest F2 teams are up with the F1 entrants and pit stop efficiency is going to be an important factor.

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends Team FBR Suzuki

    There is another qualifying session later this afternoon but light rain has just started to fall.

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends Hagon Race Crew Honda

    EnduranceFact of the Day: Steve Smith is endurance veteran Dave Smith's son...

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Saturday - Free Practice

    Today is the first full day of the four hour endurance race, with free practice in the morning and then three qualifying sessions this afternoon.

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends

    For this UK meeting there are a few changes to the normal world endurance format. The start will be Le Mans style, with riders running across the track to their waiting machines, but the engines will already be running. There will be 'foot down' stop-boxes at the entry and exit to pitlane, so all riders will have to pause briefly on the way in and out of the pits after rider, tyre or fuel stops. For this race, there is also a maximum riding time for each session of 35 minutes; quite a big change for the teams like Phase One and SCERT who were expecting to run hour long sessions.

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends SCERT Suzuki

    Free practice passed off without incident, although it is still cold, with a stiff Snetterton wind blowing up the start-finish straight and down the back straight.

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends Sweatshop Phase One

    The live timing should be working for the qualifying sessions this afternoon:

  • Live Timing www.endurancelegends.co.uk/live-timing-results

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends Muzzi Moto
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    Snetterton 4 Hour: Friday Trackday

    Today was a combination of a classic trackday and a shakedown session for the endurance race bikes ahed of Saturday's qualifying.

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends

    After a cold and wet start in the morning, the track dried after lunch and the hardy souls venturing out on to the circuit made the most of the track time. Everyone else just sheltered in the pit boxes.

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends

    Phase One are under some (mostly self induced) pressure to make an impact this weekend, but hopefully it'll be the right kind of impact; they're off to Aragon at the end of the month for the final round of the European Classic Series.

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends

    Qualifying takes place tomorrow, with three timed sessions after free practice.

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends
    Endurance Racing in 2015

    Home -> News.

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends

    Classic endurance racing arrives in the UK this weekend with a four hour race at Snetterton in Norfolk. Harris and P&M specials will bash fairings with big Guzzis and Ducatis, Suzuki Katanas and 1000cc Kawasakis. Martin Gelder sets the scene...

    What? | When? | Where? | What Bikes? | What Else? | How Much? | Tell me More! | Live Timing

    What Is It?

    It's the first classic endurance race to be held in the UK. Teams of two or three riders will compete over four hours on the fast Snetterton 200 circuit, riding bikes built before 1987. There'll be a Le Mans start, refuelling stops, tyre changes for the top teams and quite possibly the need for rapid repairs after crash damage or mechanical carnage.

    Organisers Darin Frow and Rob Beale are looking forward to the event: "We're very excited to be bringing classic endurance racing to the UK. It's a huge spectacle across Europe and we know there's lots of riders in the UK who would love to compete in an endurance race but aren't able to commit to taking part in Europe. This will give UK riders a chance to race on home turf and offer European riders the chance to compete against the best of British on one of the UK's fastest circuits! We're confident it'll be a fantastic weekend."

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends

    When Is It?

    The race is on Sunday 18th October, 2015. There's a trackday on the Friday 16th, and then a mix of trackday sessions and free practice / qualifying on Saturday 17th. More trackday sessions on Sunday morning are followed by the four hour race on Sunday afternoon.

    There's also a one hour tv programme being filmed over the weekend, to be broadcast after the event.

    Where Is It?

    At Snetterton, in Norfolk; the race is being run on the two mile '200' circuit. With two long straights both starting from slow corners, it's going to be a machine punisher. And it's October. In East Anglia. The weather will be any combination of two from cold, wet and windy. And possibly all three.

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends

    What Bikes Can Race?

    All bikes must be pre-1987. There are three classes, basically over 750cc, under 750cc and 600cc. Expect to see bikes like the following in each class:

    F1 Superbike 750cc to 1300cc

  • Harris and Peckett & McNabb specials, notably Phase One fresh from their European classic endurance campaign.

  • Suzuki: GSX-1100, big Katanas. Four valve oil-cooled motors are not allowed, which appears to rule out the GSX-R1100 models.

  • Kawasaki: Z1000, Gpz1100. As above, the liquid cooled four-valve Gpz900 is not eligible.

  • Moto Guzzi: Le Mans 1000

  • Ducati: 900SS - bevel drive models

  • Laverda: Jota, RGS

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends

    F2 Sportsbike 247cc to 749cc

  • Honda: CB750F2, early VF750R

  • Suzuki: GSX-R750, both the first model and later 'slingshot' models.

  • Kawasaki: Gpx750R / Gpz600R, Gpz 750 air cooled (and the Turbo model!) and liquid cooled Gpz750R

  • Yamaha: FZ750

  • Ducati: 750F2, Pantah variants

  • Laverda: Montjuich 500

  • Suzuki's RG500 and Yamaha's RD500LC two strokes aren't eligible for this class, sadly.

    F3 600

    Teams running two bikes of up to 600cc will run in F3.

    Pre-1995 bikes will also be taking part in the trackday accompanying the endurance event.

    From the rule book:

  • The appearance of all machines must represent the period it raced in. Thus bodywork must have period appearance; so (for example) fairings and seat units based on MotoGP units are not allowed.

  • Electronic dashes, throttle position sensors, slipper clutches, quickshifters, USD forks, radial or 6 piston calipers and the like are not allowed.

  • In general the minimum diameter for wheels is 17" and the maximum tyre sizes are 120 front and 160 rear. However 16” wheels are allowed but only as per original fitment.

  • Although not strictly an eligibility issue, slick tyres, hand cut tyres and rain tyres are not allowed. Treaded tyres as supplied by the manufacturers only.

    Snetterton 4 Hour: Endurance Legends
    Endurance Stuff on Now...

    What Else is Happening over the Weekend?

    As well as the racing there will be a number of support events taking place over the weekend, including a GSX-R parade, displays from the National Motorcycle Museum, the Kickback Cafe Racer and Custom Bike show, club and trade stands, live bands on Friday and Saturday evening, etc.

    How Much Does it Cost to Get In?

    A weekend ticket is £18 on the gate, with free entry for under 13s. Sunday only is £14 on the gate, or £10 for senior citizens.

    Tell me More

  • Endurance Legends: www.endurancelegends.co.uk
  • Live Timing www.endurancelegends.co.uk/live-timing-results
  • Race Weekend Updates: www.Race24.com
  • Circuit Website: www.snetterton.co.uk
  • Endurance Legends on Facebook

    Race24's Martin Gelder will be taking part in the trackday on Friday, riding the Morini featured all too frequently on this site. Drop by and say hello if you're in the paddock...

    Photos: Endurance Legends, MSV

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