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Nine Inch Nails

Synopsis: A “proof of concept” demonstration for the 3DO games platform, playing “full screen, full motion” video with high quality audio and demonstrating a variety of interaction techniques. The project's critical acclaim went far beyond any possibility of commercial success.

Role: Producer, interaction design, software production
Delivery platform: 3DO

A Child is Born

Synopsis: Based around the book with the same name, this project used the interactive CDi format to bring to life photographs by Lennart Neilsen and obstetrician Lars Hamberger.

Role: Software production, interface design
Delivery platform: CDi

Boss Drum: The Shamen

Synopsis: A hyper-linked resource on Shamanism, putting into context the work of dance musicians The Shamen.

Role: Producer, software production, interaction design
Delivery platform: PC and Mac CD-Rom, CDi


Synopsis: A “sound to vision” screen saver for use on the Sega Megadrive games console when it was playing audio CDs.

Role: Producer
Delivery platform: Sega Megadrive

Nine Inch Nails
A Child is Born
Boss Drum: The Shamen

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