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Other Media

Written Work

I have had written work published in many magazines and several books. I have also produced press releases and publicity material which have been translated into many languages.


I am a published photographer and was recently asked to contribute material to the Moto Photo exhibition at the Static Gallery in Liverpool. Most of my work is photo-journalism, working with available light where possible.

Audio Production

I have done some audio production work as part of other projects. I have also produced and edited interview audio clips for delivery on-line:

James Ellison interviewed after the 200 Miglia di Imola race.
Warwick Nowland interviewed before the A1 Ring 6 Hour and Suzuka 8 Hour races.
Russell Benny interviewed after the Brno 6 Hour race.

Video Production

While at The Moving Picture Company I had the opportunity to become involved in all stages of the video production process, from script writing and graphics production, through shooting to off-line and on-line editing.

Suzuka Eve Festival, Japan, July 2008

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