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Recent Work (2003 to date)

Synopsis: Aimed at desk-bound classic motorcycle enthusiasts, RealClassic is a content-led website that concentrates on delivering well written articles across the full spectrum of classic motorcycling. Although it has an active message board community the real strength of the site is it's simple navigation, breadth and depth of content and search-engine friendliness. The site is funded through advertising via affiliates and direct sales.

Audience: Mainly UK based classic motorcycling enthusiasts.

Successes: RealClassic is the most visited classic motorcycling website in the UK and regularly features in Hitwise's top ten sites for all of motorcycling. It currently delivers around half a million page impressions a month. (1999 to 2001, 2007 to date)

Synopsis: Race24 provides live coverage of World Endurance Championship motorcycle races. The site is updated from the circuit during the race with news updates and photography, and was one of the first in the world to do this. Set up for the start of the 1999 season, it ran for three years before being taken under the wing of the championship promoters. With the ending of their contract I re-launched the site in 2007 and it has since become the unofficial voice of the championship's competitors and supporters.

Audience: International motorcycle racing enthusiasts and race spectators, the specialist press, team managers, riders, race promoters and circuit owners.

Successes: Race24 pioneered the shift of web production out of specialist facilities and into the media centre at the event being covered. It achieved critical acclaim and featured in several “Best of the Web” directories and articles during 200o and 2001. With its relaunch the emphasis has changed and it now complements the live results and video streams made available by race organisers while providing an unofficial voice for the many teams and competitors involved in international endurance racing. (2001 to 2006)

Synopsis: The official website of the FIM World Endurance Championship, an international motorcycle racing series which includes the Le Mans 24 Hour race, the Suzuka 8 Hour race, the Bol d'Or, etc. Through my work on I was contracted by Italian company FGSport to write press material, and after inheriting an existing web design in 2001, I redesigned and rebuilt the entire site, maintaining, managing and updating it for a further five years.

Audience: International motorcycle racing enthusiasts and race spectators, the specialist press, team managers, riders, race promoters and circuit owners.

Successes: By redesigning the site I was able to improve access to key information, improve search engine rankings, generate greater interest in the championship amongst the press and public and provide a single point of information on motorcycle endurance racing. Audience figures rose dramatically and anecdotal evidence pointed to greater satisfaction with the site amongst competitors, press and public. (2006 to 2007)

Synopsis: A sister site to, providing subscription-only rich media content on the World Superbike Championship. Following my success on I was employed as a consultant on this project, to back up the contractor's technical expertise with my experience creating successful websites for motorcycle racing enthusiasts.

Audience: Fee-paying subscribers wishing to watch live video, recorded highlights and archive material from the World Superbike Championship races.

Successes: The site grew steadily in its opening year, and after some key revisions over the winter saw much improved growth in 2007. (2007)

Synopsis: The official website of the FIM World Superbike Championship. Following my work on and with the project finishing I was contracted by FGSport as SBK Website Coordinator in an effort to pull together and improve the various World Superbike websites. This was achieved, with a site “make-over” bringing closer integration of the results database, editorial material and various rich-media streams.

Audience: International motorcycle racing enthusiasts and race spectators, the specialist press, team managers, riders, race promoters and circuit owners.

Successes: Over the course of the 2007 season the number of visitors to the site doubled and the number of page impressions delivered increased five-fold compared with the previous year. One of my key recommendations was that more editorial and technical control was brought “in house” and this was implemented in conjunction with sports promotion specialist Infront Sports & Media AG investing in FGSport during 2007. (1999 to date)

Synopsis: As well as working on various motorcycling websites, I do consultancy for larger organisations and design and build simple sites for small businesses. is a good example of a project where the client simply wanted help setting up a site for which she had already created most of the content.

Audience: Current and future customers of CatCalls, a South London based cat sitting service.

Successes: Launched almost ten years ago, the site has evolved (slightly) and continues to provide a useful first point of contact and an on-line presence for the business. (2004 - 2006)

Synopsis: Initially launched as a microsite to support the marketing activity of Computers Unlimited's 3D Design team. Part of the brief was that the site should be easily maintained by the client, so the project was built using Dreamweaver and Contribute.

Audience: Architects and product designers seeking specific information on 3D design products.

Successes: The 3D Design microsite rapidly became the most active and profitable part of the organisation's on-line presence, leading other parts of the business to adopt a similar approach. The 3D Design site has recently been re-branded but much of the original material was retained due to the modular approach to the design.

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