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Delivery Platforms

I have developed material for delivery on a wide range of platforms, including the following:

Online, Mac, PC, Windows95/98/XP, PlayStation, PS2, DVD, Enhanced CD, CDi, DVI, 3DO, Sega Mega CD, Videodisc, Video

Development Platforms

I have used many development platforms and am confident in my ability to quickly adapt to new technologies irrespective of operating system or technology.

As a former programmer I am comfortable working with raw html files and various scripting languages. I have also used Dreamweaver, Flash, Contribute, Fireworks, and paint packages such as PhotoShop, Paintshop Pro, etc.

I have been a registered developer for both Apple and Microsoft and have developed interactive media programmes specifically for both.

Oschersleben 24 Hour race, August 2008

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Martin Gelder, Kentford, Suffolk, UK
+44 (0)1638 750 902