Suzuka 8H: Circuit Map

Posted: 24th July 2017

S Corner, Dunlop Corner – Degner – 110R – Hairpin – Spoon Curve – West Straight – 130R – Chicane – Main Straight – Interactive Map plus Google StreetView of circuit

These are the official circuit diagrams, but we think the Google Maps interactive version (below) is more useful. Note that the 8 Hour race uses the chicane (turns 12A, B & C) between the Hairpin and Spoon Curve, even though this is not shown on many diagrams.

Click 'View larger map' (top left) to access the StreetView feature and you can view images of the circuit taken by the StreetView car, or use the image below.

And if those don't work on your device, here's a still image:

Words: Martin Gelder, Images: Google Maps, Suzuka Circuit